• Fixed several critical bugs


  • Fixed several critical bugs


  • Fixed several critical bugs
  • Fixed a bug when error message was sent via script output
  • Added source/processing frames per second and dropped frames counter
  • ClassX integration


  • Fixed several critical bugs


  • Fixed a critical bug
  • Improved Aja capture SDK integration (automatic reconnect after 3seconds, graceful exit if Aja device is in use)


  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed a bug with “Send test data” and “Clear test data”


  • Improved performance when defining corners
  • Fixed a bug that NDI sources were not working when starting the application as a service
  • Fixed a bug with Ross Xpression CG when values were not sent if the corresponding area was not active


  • Fixed a critical bug
  • Added popup dialog when Sending test data


wiki update


  • Updated NDI and NDI-HX library to version 5
  • Added confirmation dialog when deleting field regions of interest
  • Added confirmation dialog to avoid accidental termination of application
  • Added option to rename the field names
  • Improved integration with Magicsoft
  • Licence expires date is now shown in application header
  • Minor bug fixes

wiki update


22.09.29 (this version has been temporarily removed due to a bug)

wiki update

wiki update


  • Added option to send data to Epiphan


  • Added option to send data to Flowics
  • Added option to send data via secure Websocket
  • Fixed several bugs
  • Improved Shot clock (ss, s.d) format functionality
  • Improved singular.live integration and increased HTTP POST timeout to make sure all digits reach singular.live
  • Fixed a bug


  • Fixed a bug introduced in previous version


  • Decreased CPU usage
  • Updated libraries
  • Various bug fixes
  • Removed depreciated functionality (Recognize delimiters and Remove digits after delimiter). Please use format and scripted output instead


  • Various bug fixes

wiki update


  • Added SRT input option
  • Improved NDI feed re-discovery after changing network connection
  • Fixed bug when application crashes using NewTek NDI Screen Capture tool (with ROI activated) as input
  • Fixed Viz Engine bug


  • Updated NDI to version 4.6 enabling support for NDI-HX2




  • Fixed a critical bug, which sometimes caused application show OpenCV error when starting capture (after changing capture resolution)


  • Fixed Scripted output bug
  • Fixed a critical bug, which caused application to crash in a rare case when starting capture due to invalid value in the preset
  • Decreased TCP/UDP socket connection timeouts

wiki update

wiki update


  • Fixed a critical bug, which caused application to crash in a rare case when drawing regions around digits
  • Fixed Viz Engine bug and added instructions for testing
  • Fixed BlackMagic Design SDK integration bug when processing frame rate was 2x smaller than the source frame rate

wiki update


  • Minor UI improvements


  • Downgraded BMD SDK to version 10.11.4 to support older BMD Decklink driver versions


  • BlackMagic Design Decklink capture SDK version 11.5.1 integration to enable automatic recognition of capture format and support of additional formats (1080p25, 1080p30)
  • Computer name displayed in application header
  • Minor user interface changes
  • Added RTMP input option. Useful when you want to run Scoreboard OCR in your remote control room


  • Send/Clear Test data now works even if no rectangles haven been drawn around digits
  • Non-latin characters can now be used in field names. Keep in mind, that some GFX engines might not support them
  • Automatic removal of spaces before and after URL when using RTSP input
  • Added old() function to Scripted output to be able to compare to the old value of the field. Useful for validating field value or for displaying an image on your GFX after scoring 3pts in basketball
  • If there is a script error for scripted output, you can see the error message by moving your mouse over the 'script error' text
  • Ordered capture devices in an alphabetical order

wiki update




  • Demo version is no longer limited to maximum runtime of 12h
  • Added UDP socket connection option to PlayBox TitleBox output to enable updatng GFX 10x a second (basketball)


  • Fixed another Scripted output bug
  • Added licenced version expire days remainig info so that you know when your subscription is about to renew



  • Added Scripted Output option giving total user control of format validation and output sent to GFX





  • Optimized RAM usage


  • Fixed bug introduced in version 20.03.16, which caused NDI 4.5 sources to crash the application



  • Fixed Update button appearance problem
  • Implemented automatic camera resolution, frame rate and format recognition for most cameras
  • Implemented support for additional cameras (Logitech, etc)

installer update

  • Moved VS Redistributable as standalone libraries delivered with application (instead of separate installation)



wiki update


  • Fixed Tricaster integration bug
  • Fixed singular.live integration bug
  • Fixed bug when field values sometimes were not updated when using websocket connection


wiki update



  • Improved recognition quality for slow changing digits
  • Fixed socket output bug, when sometimes initial recognized digits were not sent via socket connection

  • Minor CPU usage improvements
  • Removed legacy functionality

  • New digitally signed installer published (Windows and/or Antivirus software should no longer display alerts)

  • Fixed bug, which prevented Scoreboard OCR to work on multilingual (for example, Russian) Windows
  • Decreased CPU usage
  • Fixed json output padding bug
  • Implemented new padding option
  • Fixed bug, when Update button sometimes did not show up

  • Fixed a bug that was introduced in version (BMD Decklink capture at 1080i50 did not work)

wiki update

  • Aja capture device support (Corvid 88 and IO 4k tested)
  • Added new time format “30sec shot clock (ss)” for NCAA basketball

CharacterWorks CG

  • Decreased CPU usage
  • Decreased processing latency
  • Spaces and underscores (“_”) now are allowed in field names
  • Fixed memory leak
  • Application now displays licence type (Licensed or Demo) and days remaining until the licence will expire
  • Added socket server output option (3rd party application can connect to Scoreboard OCR, which acts as socket server)

NexBlueFX Titler Live version 4.0190919

wiki update

vMix version

  • vMix has solved the render spikes issue that some users have reported when sending data from Scoreboard OCR, vMix must be upgraded to version More information here

  • Solved NDI crash problem that several people had reported

  • Improved vMix API output by decreasing amount of data sent to vMix (some vMIx users users have reported render time spikes when using vMix API, so this update should hopefully solve the problem). It did not. vMix version fixes the problem.

  • Fixed 24sec shot clock format validation bugs

  • Fixed Time and 24sec shot clock format validation bugs

  • Added “Italic correction” control to improve recognition of italic fonts

  • Fixed NDI crashes
  • Decreased CPU usage

  • Added new fonts
  • Fixed RTSP bug

wiki update

  • Added new fonts

  • Fixed application startup crash by temporarily disabling NDI input in some cases, still trying to figure out the cause
  • Improved Period validation format to output “OT”, if the period value on the scoreboard is equal or larger than 5
  • Added “Ignore Empty Values” checkbox for any field, which deals with a situation when someone/something covers the scoreboard during the match or scoreboard is powered off right after the match (very useful for match time and score)
  • Added Period Custom format that supports 1st … 9th
  • Reinstated option to allow underline “_” character in field names
  • Corrected TCP Socket output bug, which created too many connections

  • Added "Padded" checkbox for all output options
  • Added “.” to the list of allowed characters for field names (you can use “Clock.Text” field name, which is required for vMix graphics templates created by the new GT title designer

  • Fixed shot clock and time format validation bug introduced in previous version

wiki update

  • Added new fonts

  • Improved digit recognition latency

  • Added new fonts

  • Separated Erode from Dilate. Setting Erode independently lets you get rid of nets in front of scoreboard
  • Some bug fixes related to socket output
  • Improved (smoother) output for 1/10 of a second

  • Improved 24sec Shot clock s.d format validation
  • Disabled removing digits after delimiter for 24sec Shot clock s.d format

  • Fixed a bug introduced in v19, when output did not work for vMix, CasparCG and Multiple TXT files

  • Fixed a bug, when in some situations using NDI input crashed the application

  • Added new fonts

  • Moved Add field to a popup window to make sure users notice output format options

  • Decreased CPU usage
  • Re-positioned the contrast controls to make sure original input video is visible on lower resolution screens and contrast controls are available at all times
  • Moved output options to a drop down list to save space

  • Updated the contrast algorithm to much higher contrast level in order to deal with more sophisticated scoreboard color issues (default black level might have to be increased). If this new functionality does not work for you, uncheck “High Contrast”
  • Decreased CPU usage

  • Updated to NDI SDK 3.7 with NDI|HX support, which should make Tricaster NDI sources available (latest Tricaster software version uses NDI|HX instead of NDI?)
  • Enabled Cross Origin for HTTP Feed web service
  • Fixed a bug when it was impossible to delete vMix output

  • Fixed “Time (mm:ss)” format bug

  • Enabled “Send once a second” functionality for vMix API, CasparCG, Web Socket and Socket outputs. This functionality forces output at least once a second (even if digits have not changed). It comes in handy when using several CasparCG templates (because hiding template also clears field values).
  • Enabled Logitech HD Pro Webcam to use MJPEG format by default

  • Moved output settings to a new “Choose Output” tab
  • Enabled to send to multiple outputs at the same time, also allowing to send to several CasparCG, vMix templates at the same time
  • Introduced new output type HTTP Feed

  • Bug fix

  • Fixed a bug related to running multiple instances of Scoreboard OCR at the same time

  • Added Send Test Data and Clear test Data buttons to be able to test connection to your graphics solution before the live event
  • Renamed “Add Manual” to “Add One Digit”. Many users were trying to draw around several digits using “Add Manual”, while this function is intended only to recognize one digit.

  • Added Save/Load preset functionality

  • Changed “Time validation [mm:ss]” to only enforce [mm:ss] format (to support [ss:d] format, you have to use Add Automatic + Recognize Delimiter)
  • Report problem will now create an email ticket with the entered text + screenshot

  • Fixed crash bug when using “Recognize delimiters” option
  • Fixed resolution for Blackmagic Web Presenter capture device
  • Added MJPEG format to support webcam capture devices

  • Improved white/black level algorithm
  • Forced column (“:”) as delimiter
  • BlackMagic Web Presenter default Video Format will be YUY2

  • Added new fonts
  • Fixed a bug when “Time validation” checkbox limits time to max of 59:59

  • Added “Report Problem” button that will send screenshot of the application window to our server for analysis

  • Added “Invert colors” checkbox to enable black digits on white background

  • Fixed bugs
  • Added NDI input

  • Added new fonts
  • Fixed crash bug

  • Fixed capture input bug

  • Fixed CasparCG output bug
  • Improved perfomance

  • Added new fonts
  • Fixed bug, when capture devices are not accessible

  • Changed RTSP capture framework, added RTSP over TCP/UDP options

  • Changed capture framework to support Razor Ripsaw, Elgato and some older analog USB capture devices

  • Fixed application crash bug

  • Added new fonts
  • Added “Shot clock” checkbox to solve 24sec shot clock delimiter bug

  • Added new fonts

  • Improved Add Automatic performance
  • Fixed RTSP validation to accept username and password

  • Changed CSV delimiter from tab to comma (now CSV output works with vMix)
  • Added new fonts