Running Scoreboard OCR as a service

To automate your setup, it is possible to have an 'unattended startup' for Scoreboard OCR and make it automatically:

  1. Load a certain preset, which contains
    1. camera input choice
    2. output settings
    3. camera brightness adjustments
    4. fields and respective formats
    5. regions of interest
  2. Start capture automatically
  3. Start minimized in the taskbar

This is useful for situations when you have a fixed setup with IP camera camera and you might want to start Scoreboard OCR remotely without logging in to the Scoreboard OCR computer. You can also set up several presets for each sports or different cameras and even run multiple instances on the same computer (under one licence maxmimum of 2 simultaneous instances are allowed).

Here is a sample command, how to start Scoreboard OCR as a service:

"C:\Program Files\Scoreboard OCR\bin\ScoreBoardOCR.exe" --preset "C:\basketball.ocr" --autostart --minimized

Here is a sample command, how to stop Scoreboard OCR:

taskkill /f /im ScoreBoardOCR.exe