How to send data to live-score-app?

live-score-app at least version 1.8.14 is required for the following to work.
live-score-app currently does not support displaying data 10x a second.
Here is the user guide provided by live-score-app.

  1. In Scoreboard OCR
    1. Choose “live-score-app” output option
    2. Enter live-score-app connection details:
    3. To test with basketball, you can use “GameClock” and “ShotClock” fields
  2. In
    1. Select sport
    2. Add scoreboard from the gallery (+ button in right sidebar panel)
    3. Open the main menu Input / Scoreboard OCR / OCR Setup
      1. Here you can activate it, set the port and so on, and also test if any data is coming through
      2. In the lists below you see all possible values and field names for a specific sport
      3. After that make sure the input is enabled and click on the blue start button in the main window of live score (top right corner)

Scoreboard OCR will send the following commands to live-score-app using TCP connection:

{“type”:”ocr”, “values”:{"field_name1": “value1”, "field_name2": “value2”}}\LF
{“type”:”ocr”, “values”:{"time": “3:12”, "score_a": “56”}}\LF