How to send data to Magicsoft CG?

  1. In MagicSoft CG
    1. Start the TCP socket server in menu Tools → Options → Socket Communication (it should be started by default)
    2. Add a 2D text item to your project
    3. In the Text area bottom right enter the field name with square brackets, that will be used in Scoreboard OCR (please see the picture below), for example:
      1. it is not allowed to use [time], because it is a system type of variable
    4. In menu File → Refresh All projects
  2. In Scoreboard OCR choose “Magicsoft CG” output option and enter:
  3. Use the same item names in Scoreboard OCR as in Magicsoft CG element Text area (but without the square brackets), for example

Scoreboard OCR will send the following command to Magicsoft CG using TCP socket connection