How to send data to NewBlue Captivate ?

  1. Please make sure you have at least version 5.7 of Captivate (Titler Live) installed
  2. Choose “NewBlue Captivate” output option in Scoreboard OCR
  3. Enter NewBlue Captivate connection details:
  4. In NewBlue Captivate:
    1. Go into Edit Graphic mode
    2. Click on the clock text box on the preview panel
    3. Go to Motion & Data tab
    4. Under variable settings take a note the name of the variable
  5. In Scoreboard OCR use the same variable name as field name

Scoreboard OCR will send the following commands to NewBlue Captivate using TCP socket connection:

{action: 'update', variables: {'field1': 'value', 'field2': 'value'}}\r\n
{action: 'update', variables: {'Clock 1': '2:31', 'Home Score': '43'}}\r\n