We support most graphics solutions out of the box

Other generic ways to send data to graphics engine

Pushing scoreboard data to other places

Output padding options

Some of the output formats will have padding options (adding spaces to output) to deal with font alignment in CG.
Padding can be turned on before adding an output using the 'Padding' drop-down
See below examples of our padding options (“s” represents a space added to the output)

Output formatPadding Version1Padding Version2Padding Version3
DescriptionDigits aligned right assuming max length of any of the formatsDigits aligned right assuming max length of the active formatDelimiter positioned as character 3 and digits aligned accordingly
Time (mm:ss)12:34, s2:3412:34, s2:3412:34, s2:34
Time (mm:ss, ss.d)12:34, s2:34, s12.3, ss1.212:34, s2:34, 12.3, s1.212:34, s2:34, 12.3, s1.2
Shot clock (ss)24, s924, s924, s9
Shot clock (ss, ss.d)s24, ss9, 4.9s24, ss9, 4.924, s9, s4.9

How to check if you are connected to your graphics system?

  1. Make sure that you have added digits to all fields and set up output
  2. Go to “2.Choose Output”
  3. Click “Send Test Data”. This will send random values to all fields
  4. Check in your graphics system, if you see the random field values coming through. Repeat previous step to send new random values
    1. If values are not coming through for all fields then check your output settings
    2. If values are not coming through for one particular field, then check if the field name in Scoreboard OCR corresponds to the field used in your graphics system
  5. Its very important to click “Clear Test Data” to finish the test

We are still investigating the following software

  • Avid Maestro
  • Blueframe Production Truck
  • SuiteCG
  • LIGR
  • Chyron

If you are not sure, whether your software is supported or not, just send us an email to ocr@scoreboard-ocr.com and we will if necessary develop integration (assuming graphics software supports reading data from external sources).