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Sending data using Browser Window

If your graphics engine by default does not support reading data from sources at least 10x a second (which is crucial for some sports such as basketball), most probably you can use an alternative approach - add scoreboard data using a Browser Window.

  • This method requires that your graphics software supports adding a browser window, see below a list of graphics engines the we tested
  • This method might also require a basic knowledge of HTML/CSS

Take the following steps:

  1. In Scoreboard OCR add “HTTP Service” output using the default value “”
  2. Add field “clock” and recognize some digits
  3. Open http://localhost:8080/results.json in your browser and check if you can see something like “clock”:“1:53”
  4. Download this file and open in your browser. Check if you have the clock coming through from Scoreboard OCR
  5. You can now add Browser Window input in your graphics engine and choose local file clock.html. Here are instructions for individual engines:
    • vMix. Add Input → Web Browser → URL = C:\temp\clock.html
    • Wirecast. Have to test if you can add a local file. Add Shot → All → Web Display → Address = C:\temp\clock.html
    • OBS. Add Source → Browser → Local file and Browser for the clock.html
    • XSplit Broadcaster. Add Source → Webpage → Browse for the clock.html
    • Livestream Studio. Go to GFX1 → Edit Layout → Add Browser → enter URL “C:\temp\clock.html”
  6. Feel free to edit clock.html to change font or add additional fields. You can build a complete scorebug as html template or just take clock value and overlay it over your existing graphics in mixer.
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