HTTP Client Output

  1. This method supports sending data 10x a second
  2. In Scoreboard OCR
    1. Add Fields
    2. Choose output type 'HTTP Client'
    3. Choose output Format, please see below the table
    4. Enter URL:

Scoreboard OCR will send the following HTTP/HTTPS requests to the URl that you entered based on choice of Format (user:password authorization can also be used):

POST JSONbody{“FieldName”: “Value”}{“time”: “3:12”, “score_a”: “56”}
POST URLENCbody[FieldName]=[Value]Score1=10&Time=2:52
PUT JSONbody{“FieldName”: “Value”}{“time”: “3:12”, “score_a”: “56”}
PUT URLENCbody[FieldName]=[Value]Score1=10&Time=2:52