How to send data to OBS?

There are several ways how to send data from Scoreboard OCR to OBS:

  1. Using Multiple TXT Files
  2. Using Browser Window. Supports updating data 10x a second

1. Using Multiple TXT Files

  1. There is one limitation - OBS only reads TXT files once a second, therefore it might skip a second sometimes and it will not be able to display 1/10 of a second.
  2. In Scoreboard OCR choose “Multiple TXT files”
  3. Add fields. Based on the fields defined in Scoreboard OCR this will create and regularly update multiple TXT files each containing value of the field. For example, “clock.txt”, “score_a.txt”, “score_b.txt” each will contain their respective values.
  4. In OBS Add source → Text (GDI+) → check “Read from file” and browse the TXT file
  5. Repeat previous step for each field (clock, score_a, score_b, etc)

2. Using Browser Window

If your graphics engine by default does not support reading data from sources at least 10x a second (which is crucial for some sports such as basketball), most probably you can use an alternative approach - add scoreboard data using a Browser Window.