What does "Add Automatic" do?

  1. Automatic mode tries to recognize several digits in the selected (green) area
  2. This mode is mandatory if digits and/or delimiters are changing place during the match (for example during the last minute of the match, happens with digital screens that are computer based)
  3. Its important to make sure there are no other objects in the selected area (such as borders, logos, any artifacts) otherwise they will mess with the actual digits. This can also happen during vibrations when other objects get in the green area for a moment (for example 24sec shot clock).
  4. Its important that digits are solid, see some examples here, otherwise they will not be recognized in this mode
  5. If at some point there are digits in the green area not recognized, click on the green area, which will force application to look for digits. Please make a screenshot before and send it to us, if this happens

What does "Add One Digit" do?

  1. In this mode you have to draw a rectangle over each digit separately
  2. This mode is recommended for:
    1. 24sec shot clock because of the vibrations
    2. digits that have borders around them