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1. How to display fouls as graphics, not numbers ?

Scoreboard OCR only sends numeric values to the graphics engine, it does not send any visual materials. Therefore this has to be solved using the graphics system. The easiest way would be to teach your graphics engine to display different pictures depending on the numeric value. For example when receiving “1”, it could display “1.png” and so on.

2. How to display 1st, 2nd ... OT, OT2... in graphics ?

Make sure you choose Period (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, OT), which will translate “1” to “1st”, “2” to “2nd” and “5” to “OT” and send to your graphics engine

3. Sometimes there is an object in the line of sight between the camera and scoreboard, therefore we loose the score in graphics

Make sure you tick “Ignore Empty values” checkbox. This functionality deals with a situation when someone/something covers the scoreboard during the match or scoreboard is powered off right after the match (very useful for match time and score). If this feature is activated, the empty values will not be sent to graphics engine, old values will remain in graphics. Remember not to do this for 24sec shot clock, because empty value on scoreboard is actually a valid value.

4. The application is not starting

  1. Please uninstall Scoreboard OCR completely and install the latest version from

5. The application asking to update and not starting

  1. Uninstall Scoreboard OCR completely
  2. Download from here and install from the scratch

6. Capture device is not working

  1. Make sure that you have attached to your computer the capture device(s), which you wan to use with Scoreboard OCR
  2. Download DirectShowCaptureCapabilities tool from here and run it on your computer
  3. Click on Save
  4. Send the saved file to for analysis. We will get more information about your capture devices, supported formats, resolutions, etc and we will get back to you with a solution
  5. Temporary solution is to use, for example, vMix. You can open any capture device in vMix and then in Scoreboard OCR choose Input type “Local Capture Device” and choose “vMix Video” with “Automatic” Resolution. This is a workaround to get the camera to show up in Scoreboard OCR.

7. Why is my capture feed jittery in Scoreboard OCR?

We only display capture feed at 5 frames per second to save CPU resources.
Check the fps counter in lower left corner of Scoreboard OCR see at what frame rate the digits are actually being recognized, it should be at least 25fps and up to 60fps depending on the video source.

8. How to make Avermedia C875 work?

Avermedia C875 is a bit tricky, but it is possible to make it work using the following steps:

  1. Start 32bit version of vMix and use it to output video feed from C875
    1. Use vMix to output output the scoreboard camera via NDI and choose NDI input in Scoreboard OCR
    2. Use vMix to output the scoreboard camera as vMix 2nd output (virtual capture device) and use Local Capture Device in Scoreboard OCR by choosing “vMix Video External 2” and Resolution “automatic”

9. Can Scoreboard OCR work on MAC ?

Some users have reported that Scoreboard OCR works fine on Pro Retina 15, Mac Pro 2013 + Bootcamp.
At this point we are not planning to develop a MAC version of Scoreboard OCR unfortunately.

10. How to minimize digit recognition latency ?

Total latency consists of the following parts:

  1. Capture solution
    1. Decklink cards have relatively low latency (100ms). Dont use IP cameras (RTSP protocol itself adds 200ms latency)
    2. Capture format. Use 1280x720p50 or better 1280x720p60 instead of 1080i50/i60 as video standard for the scoreboard camera. Also make sure shutter speed is at least 1/60.
  2. Scoreboard OCR processing latency (this is normally max 50ms)
  3. Output type. For low latency use socket client/server output (dont use XML/TXT/CSV files or HTTP service)
  4. GFX solution rendering latency (depends on the solution)
  5. GFX solution output latency (depends on the solution). For CasparCG make sure you check this

We have achieved total latency of as low as 150ms when using Decklink input cards with 720p60 video format

11. I have an older analog capture dongle and I cannot make it work

First test your capture device in vMix. If you have no video, you most probably need to set the crossbar and video format for that particular capture device. Go into capture device settings (you can do that using OBS when opening this capture device)

  1. Crossbar - change to Composite In (assuming you are using the yellow 'banana' connector)
  2. Settings - change to PAL (if you are capturing at 720×576 50i)

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