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Output format validation

To make sure that Scoreboard OCR uses time delimiters and does not output invalid match time, we have introduced format validation

Validation formatExample outputWhen to use this validation?
Time (mm:ss)5:13When capturing match time or penalty time, that never goes into 1/10 of a second
Time (mm:ss, ss.d)12:45, 45.9When capturing match time, that might display 1/10 of a second during the last minute of the match (usually basketball)
24sec shot clock (ss)19When capturing 24sec shot clock that does not go into 1/10 a second in basketball
24sec shot clock (ss, s.d)4.9When capturing 24sec shot clock that goes into 1/10 a second in basketball (6 → 5 → 4.9 → 4.8)
30sec shot clock (ss)29When capturing 30sec shot clock (NCAA basketball)
45sec shot clock (ss)41When capturing 45sec shot clock
Period (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, OT)2ndWhen capturing the period number for basketball
Period Custom (1st…9th)5thWhen capturing the period number for other sports
CustomAny valueThere is no validation, this is the default format. Use this for team score, fouls, etc

Additional features

  • Ignore Empty values - deals with a situation when someone/something covers the scoreboard during the match or scoreboard is powered off right after the match (very useful for match time and score)

Video Tutorial: How to choose digit format

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