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How to send data to Ross Xpression CG?

  1. Activate “ASCII Datalink Source” in Ross Xpression CG
  2. Choose “Ross Xpression CG” output option in Scoreboard OCR
  3. Enter Ross Xpression CG connection details:
  4. In Ross Xpression CG “ASCII Datalink Source” make sure to map bytes ranges to field values to be used in Ross Xpression CG. Please see example below.
Field nameFormatDigit max lengthExampleByte range in Ross Xpression CG
periodperiod 3 1st1 - 3
score_acustom 5 21 4 - 8
score_bcustom 5 38 9 - 13
shot_clockshot clock (ss) 2 9 14 - 15
timetime (mm:ss, ss.d) 5 58.1 16 - 20

Fields defined in Scoreboard OCR and sent to Ross Xpression CG are automatically arranged in alphabetical older (for example, “period” comes before “score_a”).
For this example the following ASCII data would be sent to Ross Xpression CG (underscore indicates a space):

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