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  1. Auto invert option. Based on the background of the digit automatically invert colors to be able to recognize the digit. This is needed for situation when background color changes automatically. In this case manual Invert functionality cannot be used
  2. Integrate with Avid Maestro
  3. Integrate with Softlab NSK
  4. Integrate with Streamstar Scoreplus
  5. Integrate with Blueframe Production Truck
  6. I would suggest to try to implement color pick to source. That way we could pick only colors that digits on venue scoreboards are lit and all other colors would be ignored? This way would be much better than blck/white level.
  7. Deal with some level of vibration
  8. Adjust brightness separately to individual areas
  9. Implement horizontal stretch option (for digits that are very close)
  10. Add max/min values to fields
  11. Less CPU usage
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